Obama-Idiot and Chief

I was just listening to Stewart Varney on Fox business quoting Valerie Jarret as stating that Obama is bored with his life because he is to smart to deal with the mundane obligations of the Presidency.
Aside from that being the most idiotic statement I’ve heard about this man, but the most out of touch analysis.

Let’s take this from the top shall we.

For all the intelligence, constitutional or otherwise, this man is supposed exude; then why can he not make a decision, why can he not talk to the American people without that damn teleprompter, and why is it when the fertilizer hits the fan, he knows nothing, just found out in the news, it’s someone else’s fault, or my favorite, yes we screwed up and we intend to make it better going forward, you know like his answer to Bengazi. Sorry Mr. President, you can’t fix death the second time around.

Consider this, the man can not speak without a teleprompter ( even to a kindergarten class), so every word out of his mouth is written by someone else. How do you know what he is thinking if someone is talking for him through the written word.

Health Care was written by Nancy Polosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of his Democratic drones . And yet where was Obama on the issue? You all heard his talking points about it, but did he tell you what and why he thinks it’s good for America?

This is a man who has taken his education records and had them sealed, If he’s is such a genius, wouldn’t he want us all to know?

He sails off to the middle east and does his apology tour, walks away and the Middle East blows up, and what does he do, nothing, he made his speech, it’s not his fault they did not come around to his thinking. Oh well, shame on them; he gave them the answers and they failed comply. On to the next problem.

Syria blows up. He draws a red line. Oh hell they crossed the red line, draw another one, that will teach them, oh hell they did it again, what to do; I’ll threaten to blow them up. Wait the country may blame me I had better get the Congress, you know the one’s I won’t negotiate with, to back me up so they can take the blame if it fails. Damn! They don’t want to play.

So here come’s the male equivalent of Hanoi Jane (John “The Gigolo”  Kerry) stating what are we going to do, they are not going to let us just come in and take them.

Ta Da Ta Da! Vlad Putin to the rescue. I’ll save you. Yes we will negotiate with the Syrians to remove the Chemical weapons. And where was Obama? Oh Putins going to take care of it. ok, my work is done here. REALLY!

He’s really good at treating the American people with distain, because he knows we will live by the rule of law and wait for the next election, so he feels comfortable acting like a punk closing down of the Veterans Memorial but backs down when it comes to Foreign Policy because they might hit back. Kind of like the guy who wants to push you around in school but wants to be your friend in the school yard, because he knows the repercussions of those actions where you can retaliate.

Look; the bottom line is this guy is the embodiment of the Manchurian Candidate. Everyone pulls his strings, Everyone else does his bidding for him, some other than he, writes his words so he can speak, a crisis pops up and his only solution is to make a speech,walk away and back on the campaign trail. Of course before he leaves he hands the problem to someone else to handle.

Look! The bottom line, is, what does he do, what has he ever done other than speeches. Let me help you…Nothing!

For all the brilliance awarded this guy, if you look at what he does, you have to note that aside from people like Valarie Jarret’s claim; he’s an idiot. He doesn’t know anything other than what his handler’s tell him to say or do.

I submit to you, that he is surrounded by these handler’s like Jarret, because they are petrified that you will find out the truth about him and learn that the country is run by his and her radical buddies not him. He’s just their mouthpiece.

Stands to reason why he only has a tight nit group surrounding him, and his “Transparency” is a ruse to make you believe just the opposite of what really goes on in our house.

I don’t ask you to believe what I am stating here, just put the pieces together and see what you come up with. Trust me, I am not looking for a “Come to Jesus Moment” from you lefties, I just feel bad that there is a segment of our population who are content to have their head stuck in the sand, actually I had another word for it, but I’ll be nice.

All I’ve heard since this guys election, is that he is brilliant, yet you can not see the documented facts. So let me submit to you that I have multiple degrees from the finest colleges around the world; one caveat, you can’t see my records. Still think I’m brilliant?

The only way I can speak to you is through words written by someone else. How the hell can you know where I stand if MY words don’t come out of my mouth.

How much credibility would I have as a contractor if every house I built fell down, and my solution was to go to another town and build more, kind of Obama’s plan with the Middle East.

I don’t make this claim lightly. I was brought up John Wayne, God and Country. Not necessarily in that order. So when I see someone destroying the country I grew up in, I have a tendency to get a little pissy. I served my country as did most of the men in my family, and to see WW11 Vets treated with such distain for political purposes, that is going to far for me.

All I can do is suggest to the Patriots in this country, is that they do what they can do stop anything this Administration tries to do in the coming year, including voting out the RINO’s, and any other politician who is in it for themselves and not for the country.

For the liberals reading this: If you have facts to denounce what I have said, bring it on. If your only response is to throw personal attacks, save your fingers.

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