Jobs, Debt and Unions

Okay; Obama has come out with his budget proposal. All of you who think this budget is a serious attempt at drawing down our debt and deficit, raise your hands. Okay bad example, I can’t see you.

Let me answer and you can debate it with me later. Answer, NO! This thing is a joke, maybe an attempt at humor at best, but a budget proposal?

This clown has spoken in the last twenty-four months, of focusing like a laser on jobs, has had committees on jobs, would make jobs his highest priority, and twenty-four plus months later, we still have over 14 million people out of work. Does anyone think that this guys focus is jobs?

Let’s look at the last twenty-four months together shall we. Spent 24 months and a lot of political capital pushing a health care bill that the majority does not want. Has empowered the EPA to kill jobs in the energy field, and strangled any energy policy we may have had prior to his election, which wasn’t much to start with, but it was better than choking off the entire industry.

He has in place a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf ignoring a Federal Court Ruling to the contrary. Instead he side steps it with the EPA. The EPA is trying to regulate any policy that Obama can’t get through Congress.

Now we have the Middle East blowing up in front of us, and still nothing from this Administration as to what he intends to do about ever-increasing fuel prices. Again this will kill any jobs that might have been in the wings, because now industry has the increased fuel cost to consider. Any money that could have been used to hire employees, is now held as a fuel reserve.

We have rampant debt and borrowing going on with this administration starting with the so-called “stimulus” which was nothing more than a slush fund to pay back his political backers such as GE, the Unions, as well as funding for a wind mill on your car for power. Nice touch Einstein. Of course the windmill thing was tongue in cheek.

But he is spending at lot of our capital on “Green Energy”  which is fine, but we need a viable energy source until we can develop alternative fuel sources, and right now that is; Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas. 

I have owned a mortgage company for over thirty years, and I did not build it by starting at point “A” and jumping to point “Q” . There needs to be a progression. Lets make ourselves energy self-sufficient then go for the future energy sources. By self sufficient I mean let’s get away from the Middle East oil. Lets put a scare in the market by announcing that we are going to drill nationally and watch the oil price drop, because the fear of the Middle Eastern monopoly will dissipate.

The debt. We have to bite the bullet on this one. We have to have drastic cuts across the board. If the government doesn’t need it, lets cut it, starting with the EPA, Dept. of Education, hey lets face it, trillions of dollars spent and these kids aren’t getting any smarter, I think we need a new approach. Without union involvement; because half of “our” money for education goes to them by way of contributions by them to the political party who in turn helps to fund them as a thank you for all of “our” money used to elect them. We don’t need to fund the ARTS, Public broadcasting which has turned into a left leaning mouth piece, which is their right, but not on public funds.

I think we can all agree that the Federal Government is bloated beyond it’s Constitutional charge.

Unions in their initial capacity, were a good thing for the blue-collar labor movement but has stepped out of their realm to now want to be a political party shaper. You have the likes of Andy Stern”Workers of the World Unite” catchy phrase if it wasn’t used by the Soviets first. Kind of makes yourself ask where he is coming from. Then there is Richard Trumka. Now we know where he is coming from because he made a speech to the Socialist Party claiming solidarity. Look it up on the web and listen to his words not mine.

As I stated earlier. They invest union dues to the parties “Democrat” party, and the elected officials in turn return the favor by allowing them federal funds in return as a thank you, as well as a seat at the table. Richard Trumka stated that he is at the White House at least two to three times a week and calls the White House ever day. WHY! Obama who took a week before he said squat about Libya, jumped right into the Wisconsin union debate with both feet. Mind you, people were only getting gunned down in the streets in Libya, and the “Union was about to lose collective bargaining, so I can see where Obama sets his priorities. With the people who helped him get elected.

As far as foreign policy goes, he appears more willing to bow, apologies,and obfuscate when it comes to our enemies and trash our allies. In his little speech about Libya, he never once used Kadafi’s name in his little faux tirade about the killings over there. Whats he afraid of; offending murders?

Look, I don’t want him to fail, because if he fails we fail, but this guy is a train wreck. Over two years and not a single plan for the unemployed. In over two years, no energy policy except sunshine and magnolia speeches about green energy. A foreign policy derived from playing “Battleship” in the White House. Problem is; this is not a game. Do you think all of this would be going on around the world if they thought that the United States was strong in its policy and it’s action. Hell No! Can anyone say Jimmy Carter.

In over 24 months, my business is trashed, my home value has crashed, I make less money and pay out a hell of a lot more. Now we have inflation rearing its ugly head in the commodities markets, food prices, fuel,anything made with petroleum. Which is just about everything. And what the hell is he doing about any of it? Sticking his nose in a Union problem. Really! He has nothing else on his plate.

Now his wife wants to get in on the act and tell you and your children how to eat. Have you seen her lately. Kids today are getting wider I agree, but maybe they are eating pasta and fast foods t often because their parents are shelling out the rest of their pay checks for Taxes, Fuel,future health care penalties, inflated prices on goods and services. We can’t raise our debt ceiling, we have to live within our means, maybe it’s time the Federal Government do the same.

If you care to debate me, please do, but debate is what I look for. The last post I wrote was about Global Warning, and I had a liberal idiot answer with a tirade of personal attacks. You don’t know me any more than I do you, so if you disagree, fine that’s what it’s all about. If you want to run off at the mouth, save it for your girl friend. I said liberal, because it has been my experience, that liberals don’t debate, they just spew venom. Strange bunch indeed.

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