Obama pivots….Again!

Here we are almost twenty-four months into this administration, and once again, Obama is going to “pivot” on jobs. Mind you, this is the third time he has “pivoted” on jobs. I’m sorry, the last time he was going to focus like “a laser” on jobs.

I find it odd that he makes statements on pivots and laser treatment of the jobs picture ,usually after he has screwed us on policy, new programs, new spending, more government take over of business, financial institutions, health care, student loans etc.

This guy has the credibility of a three-year old climbing out of a cookie jar. But fear not, here comes the mainstream media, claiming the man is brilliant because of the garbage he was able to pass in the lame duck session, thanks to his monions Harry Reid and Nancy Polise and a Congress that was impolitly thrown out on their collective butts.

Sound familar? This was the same tactic they used to pass health care. Midnight sessions,behind closed doors and Christmas Eve votes. Well hell if your team always starts on your opponents twenty yard line, I would assume you could rack up the score. Not because you’re good, but because you cheat!

I don’t know about you folks, but I am getting real tired of being play for a fool by this adminstration. Obama has had two years to address employment, yet his priorities have been Health Care, take overs, stimulas, etc.. After two years and being hailed by the media as the greatest negotiator to hit Pennsylvania ave. Why can he not do anything about “JOBS”.  

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