Global Warming-Climate Change-Ponzi Scheme

I’ll take Ponzi scheme for 200 alex. Yes folks the ever present scare from the left is that we are all going to burn up in the next few year’s because you don’t care about the earth. Thirty year’s ago, we were going into the next ice age because we didn’t care about the earth. PLEASE!

According to the left, we are the most inconsiderate bunch to ever come down the eco-pike. You want to drive your cars to make a living and feed your family. You want to heat your home to keep your family warm. Hey! You even have the audacity to want to breathe everyday, knowing full well that you are polluting the atmosphere with your dirty breath spewing Co2. Good god, the humanity, when will it end.

Well if the left has its way, it will be soon.The Congress squashed Cap & Tax in the house, so what does Obama do; he sets regulation’s on Co2 through the EPA, basically doing an end run on the Congress and the will of the American people.

I have to hand it to the “Greenies” they almost pulled it off, except for a little matter of e-mails between “Green Scientist” stating that they don’t know why the numbers aren’t adding up; why the earth appears to be cooling rather than warming, but they had a solution, cook the numbers and keep it quiet. The problem with that scenario is that NO ONE can keep their mouth shut, and the word and the emails got out. This is where we go from Global Warming, to Climate Change.

This is right up there with calling the war in Afghanistan a man caused disaster, as if changing the name will change its meaning. Climate change: Hell I lived in Rhode Island for over fifty years, did we have climate change? Yes four times a year. So you see Climate Change can encompass a lot of things. So the broader the term, the larger the wiggle room. 

One question I have to pose; when the earth was being formed, we had volcano’s spewing gas , lava, smoke, and dust clouds for many, many years, yet the earth flourished, why is that. Because plants THRIVE on Co2, animals eat plants, we eat animals, see where I’m going with this. If you cut down on Co2, plant life will die along with the rest of the chain.

There is this push for “Green Cars”. Let’s look at this. An electric car uses electricity, you have to plug the car in as you would your Dryer, which eliminates; you spewing carbon dioxide as you drive. Now stay with me. The Obama administration wants to pile on massive regulations on the oil, gas, and coal industry for their wanton destruction of the earth. Ah, where are you going to get the electricity to power your “Green Car”; right, it will come from those nasty power companies that he wants to regulate by applying a carbon tax. This is good, this is where the players come in for the Ponzi Scheme.

Cap and Tax will do absolutely nothing to reduce Co2, and is not meant to, because the law will allow these companies to pollute all they want, they just have to pay for the carbon credits. GET IT! And who will control the agency that hands out the credits, (for a fee of course) let’s see, Al Gore, George Soros and a miriad of other players around the world who stand to make trillions. So you see, it’s not a Save the earth concern, it’s a fatten my wallet thing, disguised as tree hugging.

Obama has committed the United States to 100 million dollars a year to this fund, and we have some of the cleanest ecological programs than any other country. We have clean water, air, and soil, because we do this of our own accord, not by regulation but by consumer pressure. So let me reiterate; you can pollute so long as you pay. Thats as simple as I can put it. So when does it come down to you and I, because for these people and money; there is never enough.

Let’s see what a Cap and Tax bill could or would include in the future:

Heating your home, the car you drive, the cloths you wear, all products made from petroleum, which is most products on the shelves in your local Walmart, Sear, Target, etc. Paper, computers, the wiring in your home. You get the idea; anything made with oil, gas or coal will be taxed. Take a look around your house an see how many products you have that  are made from petroleum, if you had to remove them, what would be left?

Now ask yourself, if the idea behind this whole scheme is to put a big ouchy band-aid on the earth, then why are the industries they clammer about allowed to continue polluting , but for a FEE! Look if you maintain a clean backyard and bubba next door has more trash than the local dump, under this plan, he can buy credits from you because you maintain a clean environment for your family, but it does nothing about removing the trash. You now have a dump next door, sanctioned by the Government. Happy now?

This Global Warming Climate Change thing has to stop. For those of you my age, you know that when we were kids, people would throw things out of the window,we decided that it was to stop before the government got involved, we stopped burning things in trash barrels, again before the govt. got involved. We stopped doing a lot of things we thought were hurting the environment because it was the right thing to do, not because some moron in Washington had to dream up some grand plan. Let’s face it, most of those clowns couldn’t blow their collective noses unless their mother was there to hold the hankie.

Bottom line, is keep doing what you have been doing to keep the earth clean, and keep the politicians out of it, because you know as well as I do they will only screw things up. As always you are always welcome to debate this or tell me where to go depending on your preference.

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Back Door Policies

It is now seven days away from the 112th Congress,which means it is time to press the new Congressional Leaders to tackle the idea of policy being written by regulaton.

It’s time to stand up for the Unted States and it’s people, politic’s be damned.

I remember that after the 2008 election, the only words to leave the mouth’s of the Democrat’s was “We Won”, translation, sit down and shut up, we run the country now. And they did, RIGHT INTO THE GROUND. And they want to continue!  Harry Reid tried to push a 1.27 trillion dollar ombus spending bill through the Senate at the last last min. WHAT! We are in debt up to our eyeballs, there is talk of economic callapse, and this clown wants to spend 1.27 trillion more that we don’t have, his idea of political savy is to what, have the Chinese buy more of our country. These people have to be stopped!

Now the Dem’s are all over the media calling for cooperation, stating that the message sent to Washington by the people was that we, and I quote    ” Must Compromise and Cooperate”; no it wasn’t; the American people clearly stated that we are tired of your spending, your policies, and your back door deals. The Dem’s remind me of the shool yard bully whose fine with smacking you around until you land a punch, then as if he has seen the light, he wants to compromise.

This Congress has it’s hands full, and we need to hold their feet to the fire. No more cooperation, no more hands across the isle, just to have it bitten off by the left. We need to have the dept. heads come before Congress and hear loud and clear that the policy of legislation through regulation has come to and end.

I heard the other day that funding for a portion of the health care bill is being funneled from the budgets of other depts to avoid any possible disruption of their policy through defunding. Another case of back handed policy, and another end run around Congress; in case you forgot ,is charged with writing law and policy according to the Constitution which this Adminstration chooses to ignore at every turn.

If the 112th Congress did nothing but spend the next twenty four month’s killing the administration’s ability to legislate through regulation, we would be far ahead of their game. Bring Sebelis and the rest of her like minded cronies such as the NEA, FCC, and any other agency that want to change this country through regulation; before Congress, and inform them that what they are doing is going to come to a halt.

If need be, defund their dept’s, or submit legislation to erradicate their agencie’s like the plague on this nation that they have become.

The EPA wants to back door a policy to control Co2, I’m no scientist but, plants thrive on Co2, and us mere humans expell Co2 when we breath. You must research “Climate Change” formerly known as “Global Warming” ; they changed the name because Global Warming not longer fit the bill. IT’S A GIANT PONSI SCHEME! designed to make the the slimeballs creating this faux crisis, trillions of dollars. I will get into this ponzi scheme in my next post. I will present facts, culprits,and the reasoning for this scam.

How long do yo think it would take before you are given a Co2 breathilizer to determine how much your annual tax will be for polluting the atmosphere with your breath. Of course this is tongue in cheek. But regulating the emmissions from your home heating system(for tax purposes) is not a far stretch. 

 If that sounds silly to you, look at what’s going on around you, they want to tell you what your children should eat,they want to control how you heat your home,what kind of car you should drive, and the list goes on.

If by chance you’ve had your head in the sand over the last twenty four month’s, pop up and take a look around and don’t expect to get honest reporting from the likes of Brian Williams, Katie Kuric, etc. get on the web and investigate it yourself. Just remember to look at the source of the information before making a decision, because their are a lot of whack  jobs out there, that will tell you the worlds coming to an end.

That’s not what I’m saying here. What I am saying is that if we are not vigilent and stand up for our cuntry like we have never had to before, you will wake up some day in the very near future, and the United States that you knew will be  gone.

We have two year’s to bring this Administration and it’s policie’s to a grinding halt. Information is power. If you know what they are doing, then you can make informed decisions come election day. That’s all I ask.

If you have the chance to follow my post, I will bring you as much information as I can dig up. I will also list where the information came from so you don’t have to take my word for it, you can go to the sites and read for yourselve’s. If you agree with me, ask other’s to join our discussions, and pass it on. If you have read this article, I thank you for your time.

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Obama pivots….Again!

Here we are almost twenty-four months into this administration, and once again, Obama is going to “pivot” on jobs. Mind you, this is the third time he has “pivoted” on jobs. I’m sorry, the last time he was going to focus like “a laser” on jobs.

I find it odd that he makes statements on pivots and laser treatment of the jobs picture ,usually after he has screwed us on policy, new programs, new spending, more government take over of business, financial institutions, health care, student loans etc.

This guy has the credibility of a three-year old climbing out of a cookie jar. But fear not, here comes the mainstream media, claiming the man is brilliant because of the garbage he was able to pass in the lame duck session, thanks to his monions Harry Reid and Nancy Polise and a Congress that was impolitly thrown out on their collective butts.

Sound familar? This was the same tactic they used to pass health care. Midnight sessions,behind closed doors and Christmas Eve votes. Well hell if your team always starts on your opponents twenty yard line, I would assume you could rack up the score. Not because you’re good, but because you cheat!

I don’t know about you folks, but I am getting real tired of being play for a fool by this adminstration. Obama has had two years to address employment, yet his priorities have been Health Care, take overs, stimulas, etc.. After two years and being hailed by the media as the greatest negotiator to hit Pennsylvania ave. Why can he not do anything about “JOBS”.  

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